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Let’s grow together

Promoting Sustainable Food Growing

HomeGrowers, a specialized grow studio located in Johannesburg, is committed to edible and sustainable living. They offer a wide range of hydroponic systems, accessories, and growing mediums including potting mix, compost, lawn dressings, fertilizers, and vertical gardening systems like grow barrels, potato grow bags, watch me grow bags, vertical grow bags, composting bags, and collapsible worm farms.

HomeGrowers is dedicated to locally sourcing the best products and testing them in their grow studio, fuelled by their passion for urban cultivation and modern growing techniques. The NGO values sustainability and sharing knowledge with the community. They hold weekly workshops for interested community members at no cost, teaching them how to grow organic produce at home.

As an NGO, HomeGrowers has a responsibility to provide sustainable food growing programs to various charities and organisations in need. To achieve this, their focus in on establishing and maintaining hydroponic systems and grow barrels, as well as providing ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and management of seedlings, soil conditions, and nutrient levels. They also offer educational resources and training to ensure the long-term success of these projects.

HomeGrowers goal is to provide fresh, healthy, and affordable food to these organisations and make a lasting impact on their lives.

Partnering to Expand Food Security Initiatives

HomeGrowers and Blue Label Telecoms have partnered to expand food security initiatives through financial support. This collaboration has enabled HomeGrowers to enhance their efficiency and create economic opportunities for previously marginalized communities.

By providing access to bigger informal markets, Blue Label Telecoms has facilitated the expansion of HomeGrowers’ reach and audience, thus increasing their impact on local economies.

The financial support from Blue Label Telecoms has helped HomeGrowers in their mission to create a more secure food system and ensure that communities have access to the necessary food resources.

Making Nutritious Food Accessible to Communities in Need

With the generous support of Blue Label Telecoms, HomeGrowers has achieved significant accomplishments in their mission to make nutritious food accessible to those who need it most. With over 5094 fresh herbs and vegetables, including strawberries, successfully planted across various informal sites in Johannesburg, the NGO has provided healthy food to hundreds of children and community members.

In addition, HomeGrowers has developed a container gardening system that uses hydroponics, making it possible to grow food in even the most challenging environments without compromising on nutrition or taste. The NGO has also provided food-growing training to members of the community, empowering them to become self-sufficient in growing and maintaining their own food.

Blue Label Telecoms’ social responsibility investment program has been instrumental in enabling HomeGrowers to provide sustainable food-growing technologies and training to communities in need. Through this investment, the NGO has been able to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Thanks to the support of Blue Label Telecoms, HomeGrowers has achieved monumental success in their efforts to create a healthier and more sustainable future. HomeGrowers is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Blue Label Telecoms.

Our impact by numbers


We have 7 Clubs operational in Pimville, Protea Glen, Bertrams, Alexandra, Vrededorp, Maraisburg, and Mofolo, with plans to expand to more sites throughout Johannesburg.


All kids who come to our Clubs sign up as Club Members. This symbolizes that they are a part of something bigger and they want to be a part of the Club.


One of our key objectives is to ensure each Club Member develops a meaningful and mentoring relationship with our Staff, who can ultimately guide them towards a great future.